Laboratory of Plant Biotechnologies

From the visit of the Minister for Science, Research and Innovation of the Czech Republic, Helena Langšádlová



NAZV QK22020062

Identification of surviving individuals of forest tree species in calamity areas, their rescue and research of their resistance.
2022-2024, P. Soudek (co-investigator)


AV ČR R200382201

Study of the use of compochar to increase the amount of nutrients in the soil and improve the resistance of crops and their quality as a measure to combat extreme climatic conditions in the Central Bohemian Region.
2022-2024, P. Soudek (investigator)


TAČR SS06020173

Methods reducing the risks of circulation of veterinary drugs in the environment.
2023-2025, R. Podlipná (investigator)

Report 2023


NAZV QK21010207

Diversification and strengthening the competitiveness of aquaculture by promoting aquaponics as an innovative technology for agricultural food production.
2021-2025, L. Langhansová (co-investigator)


AV ČR R200382202

Optimization of nutrient solution for growing leafy vegetables and herbs in hydroponic production system and monitoring of product safety.
2022-2024, R. Podlipná (investigator)


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