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Tomáš Vaněk
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  • Fate of the pesticides in the soil and environment. Project EC COST, COST 66.20, (1993-1998) T. Vaněk
  • Study of production of taxol and its analogues by plant tissue cultures, Grant Agency AS, No. 555114, (1993-1995) T. Vaněk
  • Biotransformation of xenobiotics by plant tissue cultures, Grant Agency CR, No. 204/93/0836, (1993-1996) T. Vaněk
  • Influence of exogennous carbohydrates on their endogenous levels and production of biologically active metabolites in plant cell cultures. Grant Agency of Charles University, No. 102 1994, (1994-1995) T. Vaněk (co-investigator)
  • Production and biotransformation of biologically active compounds by plant cell cultures. Grant Agency CR, No. 203/94/0644, (1994-1996) T. Vaněk
  • Biotransformation of xenobiotic compounds by plant cells. Swiss National Science Foundation, No. 7TPR J038652, (1994-1995) T. Vaněk
  • The development of integrated system for large-scale propagation of elite plants using in vitro techniques. Project EC COST, COST 822.20, (1995-1999) T. Vaněk
  • Studies on taxol preparation by plant tissue cultures. Lachema Comp. - Lachema 95/1744/51 (1995) T. Vaněk
  • Research on Stevia as a source of natural non-saccharic sweetener. Grant Agency CR, No. 503/95/0249, (1995-1997) T. Vaněk (co-investigator)
  • Production of taxol and its analogs by in vitro cultivated plant cells of the taxus species. Grant Agency AS, No. A5055601, (1996-1998) T. Vaněk
  • Studies on mechanism of regulation of cytokinine content and their activity in plant cells. Grant Agency CR, No. 204/96/1429, (1996-1998) T. Vaněk (co-investigator)
  • Preservation and reproduction of gene sources of the main types of forest trees. Grant Agency CR, No. 522/96/K18, (1996-2001), T. Vaněk (co-investigator)
  • Optimalization of technologies for growth, genetic material selection and screening of the content of active compounds in tonizating plants. Czech Min. of Agriculture - NAZV EP7227, CZU, (1997-2000) T. Vaněk (co-investigator)
  • Preparation of Taxol and its analogues. Czech Min. of Industry and Trade, No. PZ CH/33, (1997-2001) T. Vaněk
  • Study of secondary metabolites with anticancer activity from medicinal plants of chinese origin. Grant of bilateral czech - chinese cooperation, No. 34-04, (1998-2000) T. Vaněk
  • COST - Plant biotechnology for the removal of organic polutants and toxic metals from wastewaters and contaminated soils. No. COST 837.10 (1998-2003) T. Vaněk
  • Studies of phytoremediation of explosives by tissue cultures of higher plants. Grant Agency CR, No. 206/99/1252, (1999-2001) T. Vaněk
  • Plant tissue cultures as a model system for studies of phytoremediation of radionuclides released into the environment, Grant Agency AS, No. A6055902, (1999-2002) T. Vaněk
  • Quality enhancement of plant production through tissue culture. Project EC COST, No. COST 843.10, (2000-2004) T. Vaněk
  • Radiophytoremediation and radiophytomonitoring, Grant Agency AS, No. S S4055014, (2000-2004), T. Vaněk
  • Theoretical and practical aspects of TNT phytoremediation. Bilateral cooperation Czech-Germany No. CZE 01/024, (2001-2004), Wasag Decon GmbH, Sythen - H. Thomas and IOCB AS CR - T. Vaněk
  • PhytoDec, EU project EVK1-CT-1999-00024, (2002-2004) T. Vaněk
  • Scale up and automation of in vitro-systems for rapid plant propagation and production of secondary metabolites. Bilateral cooperation Czech-Austria No. ME671 (2003-2004), Centre of Pharmacy, University of Vienna - C. Wawrosch and IOCB AS CR - T. Vaněk
  • KONTAKT ME671: Scale up and automation of in vitro-systems for rapid plant propagation and production of secondary metabolites, (2003 - 2004), T. Vaněk
  • Preparation of taxol and its analogues. Grant Agency AS, No. IBS 4055301, (2003-2005) T. Vaněk
  • Woody plants for soil decontamination, 526/04/0135, Dr. Malá, VULHM (2004-2006), T. Vaněk (co-investigator)
  • COST 926: Impact of new technologies on the health benefits and safety of bioactive plant compounds, (2004-2008), T. Vaněk
  • Screen and identification of the bioactive Chinese pumpkin polysacharide, 37-15
    Chinese side: Professor Jidong Lou, College of Life Sciences, China Jiliang University
    Czech side: dr. Tomáš Vaněk, The Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, ASCR, (2005-2007)
  • Multidisciplinary study of the mechanism of phytoremediation of xenobiotics polluted soil and water, 37-30
    Chinese side: Professor Yongming Luo, Institute of Soil science, CAS
    Czech side: dr. Tomáš Vaněk, The Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, ASCR, Praha, (2005-2007)
  • COST 859: Phytotechnologies to promote sustainable land use management and improve food chain safety, (2005-2009), T. Vaněk
  • COST 636: Xenobiotics in the urban water cycle, (2005-2009), T. Vaněk
  • Modern methods for explosive waste-waters cleaning, MPO, Tandem, Explosia, (2006-2008), T. Vaněk (co-investigator)
  • Research centre: Functional genomics and proteomics for crop improvement (2006-2009), T. Vaněk (co-investigator)
  • Projekt NPVII : The use of genomics and genetic engineering for identification and development of plant genotypes suitable for environment bioremediation, (2006-2011), T. Vaněk (co-investigator)
  • Physiological and molecular basis of plant responses to pollution with nitroaromatic compounds, Česko-Polská bilaterální spolupráce č. 40, (2006-2007), T. Vaněk
  • Biotechnological production and evaluation of biological activity of Vaccinium bracteatum, ME8070, (2008-2012), T. Vaněk
  • Project NPVII 2B08058: Efective using of energetic plants for reclamation and sanitation of  devastation fields, (2008-2011), T. Vaněk
  • Project MZP SP/1b7/129/08: Green technology for air protection, (2008-2010), T. Vaněk
  • KONTAKT CR-USA: Plants and nanoparticles – Friends or Foes?, No. LH11047, (2011-2014), T. Vaněk
  • KONTAKT CR-USA: Study and utilization of plant metabolisms for organic xenobiotics degradation, No. LH11048, (2011-2014), T. Vaněk
  • Biotechnology system for agricultural waste-waters cleaning and reuse. Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, No. TA01020573, (2011-2014), T. Vaněk
  • Biodegradable polymers in waste management. Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, No. TA01020744, (2011-2015), T. Vaněk (co-investigator)
  • Wastewaters reclamation in integrated biotechnology system, Czech Min. of Industry and Trade, No.FR—TI3/778, (2011-2015), T. Vaněk (co-investigator)
  • Metabolism of selected non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in plants and its environmental consequences, Grant Agency CR, No. GA14-22593S, (2014-2016), T. Vaněk

Petr Soudek
  • Study of accumulation of toxic metals by plants from genus Allium and determination of possible mechanisms of uptake. Grant Agency CR, No. 522/06/P002, (2006-2008) P. Soudek
  • COST FA 0605: Study of plant response to heavy metal stress and production of stress protective compounds, (2009-2011), P. Soudek
  • KONTAKT CR-ČLR: Immobilization of heavy metals and metalloids in contaminated sites, No. LH12162, (2012-2013), P. Soudek
  • COST TD 1107: The utilization of charcoal for immobilization of heavy metals, No. LD13029, (2013-2016), P. Soudek

Přemysl Landa
  • Anti-inflammatory activity of plant quinones. Grant Agency CR, No. 525/09/P528, (2009-2011), P. Landa
  • COST FA 1003: Exploration of grapevine diversity in production of health promoting compounds, No. LD11005, (2011-2014), P. Landa
  • MOBILITY Czech-Austrian cooperation: Discovery and Analysis of New Redox-Based Inhibitors for Cyclooxygenase and Lipoxygenase, No. MEB061112, (2011-2012), P. Landa
  • KONTAKT II CR-China: Production of Dendrobium candidum biomass in vitro and study its biological activity, No. LH12164, (2012-2013), P. Landa
  • MOBILITY Czech-Austrian cooperation: Identification of Cyclooxygenase and Lipoxygenase Inhibitors from Vine Grapes, No. 7AMB13AT008, (2013-2014), P. Landa
  • COST MP1206: Phytotoxicity of nanofibres, No. LD14125, (2014-2017), P. Landa

Petr Maršík
  • Application of metabolomics on observation of induced production of plant secondary metabolites, Grant Agency AS CR, No. KJB400550705, (2007-2009), P. Maršík
  • COST FP 0901: Biorefineries as a source of "green chemicals", (2010-2012), P. Maršík
  • KONTAKT ME10037: Faktory určující hostitelskou specificitu potenciálních biokontrolních agentů, (2010-2012), P. Maršík (co-investigator)
  • COST FA1006: Production of anticancer polyacetylenes by elicited ginseng cultures. No. LD13013, (2013-2015), P. Maršík
  • COST FP1103: Metabolic interactions between ash tree and its new invasive fungal patogen Hymenoscyphus pseudoalbidus. No. LD14078, (2014-2016), P. Maršík
  • COST FP1203: Plant non-wood forest products as a source of biologically active substances. No. LD14079, (2014-2017), P. Maršík

Šárka Petrová
  • COST MP 1105: Ecotoxicity of novel flame retardants and their degradation products, No. LD13028 (2013-2016), Š. Petrová
  • COST FP 1204: Remediation of urban sites using energy plants, No. LD14106, (2014-2017), Š. Petrová
  • COST TU 1201: Remediation of urban browfields using plants, No. LD14107, (2014-2016), Š. Petrová

Radka Podlipná
  • COST FA 901: Halofytes for phytoremediation, (2010-2012), R. Podlipná
  • COST FA 0901: Suspension culture as the model for study of physiological response to heavy metal stress, No. LD13026, (2013), R. Podlipná
  • COST ES1205 : The toxicity of nanoparticles for wetland plants, No. LD14100, (2014-2017), R. Podlipná
  • Anthelmintics in plants – uptake, biotransformation and transcriptional response. Grant Agency CR, No. 15-05325S, (2015-2017), R. Podlipná (co-investigator)

Marcela Dvořáková
  • COST CM1106: Synthesis of sirtuin inhibitors, No. LD14128, (2014-2016), M.Dvořáková
  • COST FA1206: Synthesis of strigolactone derivatives, No. LD14127, (2014-2017), M.Dvořáková

Lenka Langhansová
  • Strategies for the improvement of secondary metabolite production in plant cell culture of Panax species. Grant Agency CR, No. 521/02/P064, (2002-2004), L. Langhansová
  • KONTAKT ČR-China: Study on Isolation and identification of the possible bioactive compounds from leaves of Myrica rubra, No. LH12165, (2012-2013), L. Langhansová

Aleš Nepovím (former employee)
  • Studies of the key enzyme in phytoremediation of explosives. Grant Agency CR, No. 206/99/P034, (1999-2001), A. Nepovím
  • Study of enzymes participating in degradation of TNT. Grant Agency CR, No. 206/02/P065, (2002-2004), A. Nepovím
  • Screening of antibacterial and anti/inflamatory activity of selected species of genus Nigella L. Grant Agency CR, No. 525/02/0257, (2002-2004), A. Nepovím (co-investigator)