Laboratory of Plant Biotechnologies

Leonardo da Vinci Programme

  • Encarnasion Lopez Maseda (3 months, started in 2013. Spain. Supervisor Soudek). Ecotoxicological tests (seeds germination) and experiments testing the degradation of organic compounds. Participate on project COST TD1107 and KONTAKT LH11048.

  • Janire Villanueva Díaz (3 months, started in 2013. Spain. Supervisor Rezek) 2D gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry. Sample preparation, liquid-liquid extractions, green leaf volatiles trapping, and various techniques of sample introduction into the system using Gerstel MultiPurpose Sampler. Participates on projects TAČR TA01020744 BIOPLAST.

  • Ignacio Manuel Rodriguez Valseca (3 months, started in 2013. Spain. Supervisor Soudek). Protein extraction and purification and heavy metal determination by AAS. Participate on project COST TD1107.

  • Angelo Sicilia (3 months, started in 2014. Italy. Supervisor Petrová). Ecotoxicity test and sampling of soil at brownfield. Participate on project COST FP1204.

  • Antia Perez Mouriz (3 months, started in 2014. Spain. Supervisor Langhansová). In vitro culture techniques, sample extractions for HPLC analyses and mRNA isolation. Participate on project COST MP1206 and KONTAKT LH 12165.

  • Sara Visentin (3 months, started in 2015. Spain. Supervisor Langhansová). Participated on projects COST FA1006, GA14-22593S a LD14106

  • Sunil Abeyasekera (3 months, started in 2015. UK. Supervisor Petrová). Sampling of soil at brownfield, antioxidative enzymes assay. Participate on project COST FP1204.

  • Lisa Qin (3 months, started in 2018. UK. Supervisor Soudek). Possibilities of phytosorption and phytoextraction of REE from contaminated water and soil by plants. Participate on project COST LTC17046.

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